Supporting Social Innovation Addressing the SDGS

Our aim and orientation revolve around making the world a better place. In that regard, we are supporting social innovation addressing the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Also, our actions and efforts as an organization and at our premises are focused on following the SDGs.

Find out below how we achieve this

1. No Poverty

Innovation and entrepreneurship are both the most effective tools in achieving economic growth. Additionally, peace can ensure possibilities and opportunities for all people. Accomplishing sustainable peace and sustainable economy, does not only accumulate capital at a state level or to the few, but has trickled effects at all levels of society and thus can reduce poverty and unemployment. These elements are the main drivers of our work.

4. Quality Education

Our organisation provides learning and mentoring opportunities for entrepreneurs from all over the island. At The Base, we are hosting events, either organised by us or from other organisations, for people of all ages, no matter their background. Through workshops and trainings, people have the opportunity to learn something new and/or enrich their knowledge on multiple topics. Our Knowledge Hub (our digital platform) gives access to free online educational material related to entrepreneurial skill-building.

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

Innovation, and Research & Development are scientifically proven to be the most significant parts of an economy that can contribute to sustainable economic growth and reduction of unemployment. In 2016, with this in mind, CyprusInno embarked on creating a platform, with virtual and physical tools, to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation island-wide.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

At The Base by CyprusInno, we are always striving to find solutions for reducing our footprint. This is achieved by reducing our waste and using reusable and environmentally friendly items. Also, we are in the process of acquiring a composter to reduce organic waste and create compost for our plants. Being located in a Buffer Zone, our options are limited. However, this does not deter us from having multiple plants and trees inside and outside The Base. The plants contribute to a better quality of the air, reduce the urban island effect, assist in the reduction of floodings and boost mental health. Last but not least, our premises are accessible to people with disabilities.

15. Life on Land

As per the UN, almost 90% of global deforestation is due to agriculture expansion. Regenerative agriculture is aiming to tackle this issue by enriching the soil and protecting water resources and biodiversity against intensive agricultural practices. That is why at The Base by CyprusInno we host and organise events and workshops on sustainable agriculture systems. Additionally, we are always trying to improve the exterior area of our facilities by adding plants and DIY contractions, for example bird baths and bee/butterfly friendly plants, that help the biodiversity in the city.

2. Zero Hunger

Through various events that we organise and host at The Base around sustainable food systems (reduction of food waste, agricultural education, etc.) we manage to raise awareness and educate people about this subject and encourage innovation and the launch of new startups on this topic.

5. Gender Equality

Our organisation embeds gender sensitive practices in our operations and our programs, and undertakes efforts to encourage more participation from women. Our research has shown low representation amongst females in entrepreneurship across the island. In response, we’ve made efforts to increase female representation in our programs from as low as 20% up to 40-60%. Our Equality Plan is designed to revolve around the key priority areas of the organisation, aiming to tackle inequalities related to gender+ and intersectionality.

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

As with SDG 8, innovation plays a significant role in sustainable economic growth. Additionally, it assists industries to be more resilient during crises and/or economic fluctuations. On a small island like Cyprus, the division limits the possibilities for all communities to expand industrially and create economies of scale. CyprusInno aims to tackle both issues by providing the tools for innovation across the divide and by encouraging collaboration between the communities.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production

At The Base by CyprusInno, recycling is done on a daily basis. However, as reduction of waste is essential, we are striving to reduce our waste with the use of reusable items and by informing our coworkers and visitors accordingly. Our indoor and outdoor plants assist in the building's temperature regulation and therefore reduce the amount of energy needed to warm or cool the facilities. Additionally, our aim is to raise awareness among the entrepreneurship community of the island regarding sustainability, the SDGs, and how they can be embedded in their business cycle.

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Decades of division on the island have further drawn the communities apart. Failed peace talks have left young Cypriots uncertain about the future of their country, where tension between rival communities still exists. CyprusInno is utilising entrepreneurship as a peacebuilding mechanism and also helping bridging the gap between the communities. Furthermore, we believe (and as studies have repeatedly shown) that a solution to the Cyprus problem can lead to effective, accountable and transparent institutions, can substantially reduce corruption and bribery in all forms and end abuse, trafficking and exploitation (division is highly taken advantage of by smugglers and traffickers).

3. Good Health and Well-being

Pollution does not only affect the environment but also our health - physical and mental. It is actually the largest environmental cause of multiple diseases. That is why, at The Base by CyprusInno, we strive to do our part for the urban island effect as well as the mental health of our community by having lots of plants and flowers inside and outside our facilities.

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

In order to support our community and promote SDGs among innovators, we launch campaigns that include the provision of free resources and coworking space for these entrepreneurs. For instance, in March 2023, we launched a campaign dedicated to World Water Day (22nd of March) and the UN’s Water Conference for people working on projects or had ideas around water issues.

10. Reduced Inequalities

By tackling gender equity, unemployment and innovation, we are simultaneously tackling inequality in Cypriot society. SDG 10 focuses on social, economic and political inclusion of all, as well as the regulations and policies that assist and support in this direction. As an organisation that has innovation at the forefront and that works across the divide with people irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status, we believe in expressing a strong policy message against inequalities and for equal opportunities for all the people of the island.

13. Climate Action

One of the goals when SDGs were ratified was their interconnection and interrelation. That was believed to better assist governments and industries to adopt policies and actions towards sustainability and climate action. On our end, as an organisation, all our actions, as described for the rest of the SDGs, aim and work towards sustainability and climate change. We strongly believe that the smallest of actions, either as individuals or as communities can lead to climate change mitigation. In our programming, we also prioritise new innovations or startups that tackle the climate crisis.

17. Partnerships for the Goals

One of the dreams and hopes of our organisation is for our paradigm to be replicated in other divided and/or conflicted areas of the world. The Base by CyprusInno is the world’s first Social Impact Generator™. Located in the Buffer Zone of the island, we hope that we can serve as a good example and send a strong message to the world for peace, trust and sustainability. Furthermore, we aim to cooperate and organise virtual events with similar organisations around the world working on conflict, entrepreneurship and sustainable development. CyprusInno additionally contributes to policy regarding entrepreneurship, youth, peace, and security, on the EU and UN levels.

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