Aycan Garip

Social Impact Trainer & Mentor

About Me

Dr Aycan Garip received their Bachelor’s from Ohio Wesleyan University (USA) in 2009, graduating magna cum laude with a double major in Humanities and Classical Languages and a double minor in Psychology and French. Returning to Cyprus in 2012, they completed a fun-filled and practice-based M.A in Visual Arts and Communication Design at the Eastern Mediterranean University. In 2017, Garip received their PhD from the University of Brighton (UK) with the thesis “Public Art Interventions in Northern Cyprus: Disconnected Communities and Communication”. Now a full-time student at the school of life, Garip’s interdisciplinary academic background, work and volunteering experiences across various sectors and positions have created an all-seeing, all-doing, all-problems-have-a-solution-finding power project team player. Like any social entrepreneur, as the project coordinator of the European Union-funded project Go Social: Supporting Employability through Social Entrepreneurship, Garip enjoys using their planning, coordinating, creating and solution-finding skills for good and is even considering starting their very own social enterprise. Garip also does translation, proofreading, writing and consultation as well as creating audiovisual and performance-based works no one will watch, writing songs that no one will hear, and books that no one will read…well, maybe one day!

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