FOOD WASTE HACKATHON: It’s Just Too Good To Waste

Food waste is a global issue. Over a third of all food produced is lost or wasted each year – Cyprus is no exception to this problem. Food waste contributes to the unbalanced distribution of supply, with detrimental impacts on the environment, production of greenhouse gas emissions and the volume of waste in landfill sites. Just to give you a better visual: 1/3 of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally – this is an amount that could feed 3 billion people that goes straight to the bin…

We are looking for determined innovators with a passion for developing sustainable solutions for food waste reduction! No previous food experience is required – just concern for the cause and COMMITMENT. Choose a challenge that interests you, and ‘hack/ideate’ existing and new mechanisms to positively impact the food waste problem in Cyprus! At the end of the hackathon, you will be able to pitch to a jury with a chance to win up to €10,000 to help turn your idea into reality.

In the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the current Swedish EU Presidency Priority Green Transition, this hackathon aims to cultivate an environment where sustainable solutions can be generated in a short timeframe, by locals for locals. This approach will also contribute to knowledge generation around issues of environmental concern in Cyprus.

Participants will be guided by innovation specialists and industry experts to generate creative ideas to introduce green energy, support climate action, save money, and contribute to circular economy, while encouraging bicommunal collaboration.

Follow this simple process to get involved:

Step 1: Apply before 6th March 2023 (18:00 CET)

Step 2: Once accepted, go through the “Food for Thought” materials provided (27th Feb – 17th March 2023)

Step 3: Attend the Hackathon Opening & Team building (17th March)

Step 4: Hack/ ideate your way to success! (18th-19th March 2023)

Date: 17th-19th March, 2023

Location / Address : The Base by CyprusInno / Markou Drakou 23, Nicosia

For any questions please reach out to

This event is organised by UNDP Cyprus with the support of the Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of Germany, and the European Commission

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